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Whether you’re dealing with love dilemmas, relationship problems, or just uncertainty about the future, the talented and trained team at Francis House GNV will use their psychic abilities to help you overcome all of your pain and stress. Reach out to us, and we’ll provide you with guidance right at your fingertips!

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Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships can be harmful! If you’re in a toxic relationship and need help, our psychics can help you.



Are you going through a grieving phase of heartbreak? Get advice from our love psychics, who will help you get over your relationship.


Energy Healer

Contact one of our online psychics, whose abilities will help you feel more enlightened and spiritually connected to the world around you.



Are you curious to find out who your soulmate will be? Contact one of our expert psychic readers for a detailed and accurate description of your soulmate.


Finding New Love

Consult one of our online psychics, who will use their magical abilities to look into your love life and guide you in finding a new connection.


Affairs & Cheating Hearts

If you have doubts about your lover, seek advice from our online love psychics. Our psychic advisors will guide how to maintain and manage a good relationship.


Spirituality & Psychic Ability

Do you want to strengthen your spiritual awareness and psychic abilities? Do it from the comfort of your own home, where professional psychics will train you and assist you in honing your skills.



Have you been through a failed marriage? Contact our love psychics for support in overcoming the grief and turmoil of divorce.

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We have a team of skilled psychic readers here at Francis House GNV who employ various methods to predict your future chances in any area of your life. Reach out to us for any solutions that will be answered with our psychics’ have exceptional mediumship abilities. Continue reading to learn more about us and get the most out of your time with us!

Benefits of Psychic Reading

Psychic readers can help you if you’re concerned about your future. Physic readings can benefit you in the most effective way possible to assist your mental and emotional state, filled with future uncertainty. Contact one of our top psychic readers to see how your future will change!


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I can’t thank the expert psychic readers enough for helping me regain consciousness and motivating me to move on from my grief in a natural way.

Charles K. Watson

I’ve always struggled with my love life, but after consulting Francis House GNV and speaking with their professional love psychics, their advice helped me deal with my love life in the most effective way possible.

Robert I. Grimes

I had one of the best mediumship services at Francis House GNV, where the psychics connected me with my inner self, which helped me increase my spirituality in life.

Aurora D. Eagle

The psychic readers at Francis House GNV are pretty talented at what they do with their skills, and they truly provide the finest solution to future changes.

Lillian G. Martin

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Things Present Around Us That Are Used in Psychic and Fortune-Telling Practices

Things Present Around Us That Are Used in Psychic and Fortune-Telling Practices

There are more than ten forms of psychic readings and way more if you include intuitions and premonition. Not all are supernatural powers or those derived using stars and calculations, but many rely on material objects. 

Clairvoyance also reflects due to contact or usage of some items that are generally present around us. If you weren’t aware, check if you came across these things anytime as they often relate to predictions forecasts.

Psychic and Fortune

Ouija boards

The letter boards we see in some movies and games where people seem to be guessing words from the yes and no signs is none other than the spiritual Ouija board used to talk to spirits. 

Psychic readers commonly use them to communicate and extract answers from the spirits if they possess any living human being. The games also follow similar principles of study, but they don’t summon any sort of spirits. 

Zodiac beads

Most common among astrologers, the zodiac or astral stones are rarely found gemstones like sapphire, malachite, emerald, and ruby. These days you can find these powerful stones in much modern jewelry or many decorative items. 

After studying the planetary positions and their effects on people, astrologers recommend their clients to use certain types of stones appropriate for them. They believe every stone has varied influence and power, which changes the person’s balance between mind and soul. 

Tarot cards

A deck of 78 fanciful tarot is a must for tarot card readers or fortune-tellers. They are most popular in European countries for cartomancy using the selection of cards. The cards (split into two decks; major and minor arcana) are specially marked and named with several characteristics that readers use for perceiving the solution. 

They are deemed sacred, and a flow of energy is supposed to establish between the card and the reader, due to which users often cleanse their deck from negative influences. 

General deck of cards

Other than tarot, the common 52 card deck we use for bridge or rummy is also popular among cartomancy. All the cards of different suits have distinct meanings that decide the possible solution of the issue for which the users pull the particular card. 

Crystal balls

Transparent quartz crystals or those infused with other natural minerals are used to transfer energy from the ball to the users around it. They are famous for meditations. Psychic reading or ball gazing is a practice to concentrate on the patterns inside the stone ball that transfers the viewer to a trance to show various illusions. 


Remains and relics of the dead

Psychic study often requires summoning a spirit to communicate or hold it. Mediums or ghost-hunters use different objects like dolls, stones, or pots to trap the spirits inside them. Sometimes, they also use the relics or belongings of the dead to attract them easily. Touch and concentration on the items used by the dead are found quick to associate them with the spirits. 


In this form of fortune reading, the reader (generally a trained tarot reader) drops the candle wax on the water surface and predicts the response to the queries according to the patterns formed. 

Best Psychic Readings Online

Why You Should Seek Psychic Readings Online

The world is full of uncertainties. Psychic readings online can blot out these uncertainties. A lot of unprecedented things happen every minute. If we could tell what the future holds, we would prepare well for it. Scheduling a meeting for psychic readings online can help you take a quick peek into the future. There are times when face-to-face meetings are not possible. Psychic readings online solve this problem effectively. It aims to bring you closer to a psychic medium that can tap into your energy field without being there with you. Distance to a genuine psychic may be another major setback. Getting psychic readings online fixes this problem and assuages your worries.

Make The Right Decisions

The COVID-19 pandemic, with its subsequent global lockdowns, has made physical contact near impossible. Paranoia can set in when you’re all alone and make you have different thoughts. You begin to doubt everything – down to whether the last few decisions you made in your life are the best. Getting free psychic reading online can provide revelations that will get you on the right track.

Perhaps you moved in with the love of your life before the lockdown. All of a sudden, they aren’t the person you thought they were. You begin to doubt if your partner is really the one for you even though you felt something initially. Should you quit now? Would this phase pass too? Accessing psychic readings online can give you answers without the need to step a foot outside.

Seek The Right Future Path

Perhaps you are contemplating the next line of action in your career. The ease of grabbing your phone or sitting at your computer and getting an online psychic reading is incomparable. The experience is different, but the results are ground-breaking. You probably have thought of relocating to another city. It is not unusual to have doubts about the whole idea of it. You are also not certain if the relocation would bring you the happiness you crave. A good internet connection is all you need for psychic reading online. In a short while, you can have a peek into the future, which will help you choose the right path.

We have all felt stuck at a point in our lives. Everything you thought was under control becomes confusing all of a sudden. Psychic readings online can illuminate that dark corner without you having to travel far to locate a psychic medium. Your eyes can be open to that one action you can take to catapult you out of that dark corner.

We have compiled a list of the best websites to get free psychic readings online. But before we delve into that, we are sure you want to know how realistic psychic readings online are.

Are Psychic Readings Online Realistic?

It is common to hear people ask how realistic psychic readings online can be. You probably haven’t tried one using your phone or computer because you doubt its authenticity. If the last face-to-face meeting you had with a psychic was a dissapointment how then can you ever trust the genuineness of psychic readings online? You are not alone in these lines of thoughts.

Fortunately, psychic readings online are realistic and can be extremely accurate. Seeing psychic readings online as untrustworthy is a misconception. Psychic readings via the internet can give you the best results. Asking the right questions and having an open mind will set you up for the best psychic reading online experience. If you need a list of the most reliable websites or platforms for psychic readings online, we got you covered.

Top rated Psychic Readings Online


Kasamba has been offering authentic psychic readings online services since 1999. Online Psychics on this platform have access to various tools that they utilize to give authentic psychic predictions. Kasamba specializes in shedding light on love and relationship issues. To secure privacy, online registration is highly ciphered.

Why Kasamba is the best for psychic readings online

  • Sports the best psychics in the industry
  • You get 3 free minutes and a 70% discount on your first consultation
  • Kasamba offers a safe registration process
  • There is a 100% money-back guarantee
  • You can get a psychic reading through free psychic chat, video sessions or voice calls
  • Free daily horoscopes on the Kasamba website
  • Professional customer care service
  • You can contact a psychic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • You get complete confidentiality as regards your psychic readings
  • Psychics on this platform go through rigorous screening and evaluations to keep scammers away

Psychic Source

Are you aiming to achieve prosperity financially? Psychic Source will help you peep into your future and offer psychic predictions to guide your path. You will be opportune to connect with the psychic of your choice based on your needs. With the client reviews on the Psychic Source website, you can effectively pick the right psychic expert.

Why Psychic Source is the best for psychic readings online

  • Psychic Source has a secure sign-up and login process
  • Updates occur regularly to improve the website
  • Free psychics offer 100% honest predictions and advice
  • You can contact your psychic through video session, voice call or chat
  • The Psychic Source website offers secure payment gateways
  • Cheap rates of $1 per minute
  • Sign-up and get a 75% discount off your first consultation with a professional Psychic
  • 100% refund for unsatisfied customers
  • The website features filters to help contact the most suitable psychic
  • Psychic readings for past life, lost objects and energy work are offered

California Psychics

California Psychics offer you highly skilled free psychics readers. These readers go through a thorough background check and evaluation process. You will be getting accurate psychic predictions and the best psychic reading online experience. California Psychics has been offering services for more than 3 decades. This platform boasts millions of satisfied customers.

Why California Psychics is the best for psychic readings online

  • Communicate with a psychic via voice call, video session or chat
  • The California Psychics website features a “Match Me Tool.”
  • Offers three different plans with different costs per minute
  • The website features a zodiac sign compatibility and a free birth chart calculator
  • You can check the full details of a psychic before contacting them
  • You get five minutes free when you join newly
  • Features a mobile application with worldwide reach


Keen has been giving out free psychic reading online for the past 20 years. They offer more than 1700 psychics with varying specialities to choose from. Keen boasts of a large customer base. Numerology readings, love readings and angel card readings are a few of the services Keen psychics offer.

Why Keen is the best for psychic readings online

  • Dedicated mobile application for easy access to the platform
  • Keen offers a variety of readings
  • The sign-up process is very secure and straightforward
  • You get a 10 minutes introductory trial upon sign-up
  • Offers free daily horoscopes
  • It offers customers the opportunity to connect with international and local psychics
  • Psychics on the Keen website give you accurate and honest psychic readings online
  • Features a safe payment method
  • Impressive customer care service

Purple Garden

Gain the knowledge to make life-changing decisions through free psychic reading online on the Purple Garden website. You have the opportunity to filter through and choose the best medium for your Psychic readings online. Purple Garden has earned a lasting reputation for its accurate and reliable service.

Why Purple Garden is the best for psychic readings online

  • Purple Garden is home to psychics with a priority to give accurate predictions
  • Updates on the site are frequent to increase customer satisfaction
  • Filters are present on the website to help customers find the most suitable psychic
  • Psychics offer a large variety of readings
  • 100% refund to unsatisfied customers
  • Cheap rates of $1 per minute
  • No hidden charges
  • Availability of psychics with years of experience

Things to Consider Before Choosing Psychic Readings Online

There are several psychic reading online platforms available on the internet. They boast impressive track records and accurate psychic predictions. Below are a few important things to consider before settling for one.

Number of Years of professional experience

It is best to go for psychic readings online services that have been in operation for at least a decade or two. The most reliable psychic experts have been practising for many years. Sometimes, competent psychics do not always have much experience. You can trust your gut feelings and choose psychics with little experience. We recommend that you contact one from a website with an online presence of at least 20 years.

Check Out For Customer feedback

It is important to pay attention to what customers have to say about a psychic reading online platform. Their feedback can tell you a lot about the type of experience you will have. Also, pay attention to the satisfaction ratings of specific Psychic readers on the website. It is easy to glance through the profile details of a specific psychic professional. Customer feedback gives you a feel of exactly what to expect.

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