Things Present Around Us That Are Used in Psychic and Fortune-Telling Practices

Things Present Around Us That Are Used in Psychic and Fortune-Telling Practices

There are more than ten forms of psychic readings and way more if you include intuitions and premonition. Not all are supernatural powers or those derived using stars and calculations, but many rely on material objects. 

Clairvoyance also reflects due to contact or usage of some items that are generally present around us. If you weren’t aware, check if you came across these things anytime as they often relate to predictions forecasts.

Psychic and Fortune

Ouija boards

The letter boards we see in some movies and games where people seem to be guessing words from the yes and no signs is none other than the spiritual Ouija board used to talk to spirits. 

Psychic readers commonly use them to communicate and extract answers from the spirits if they possess any living human being. The games also follow similar principles of study, but they don’t summon any sort of spirits. 

Zodiac beads

Most common among astrologers, the zodiac or astral stones are rarely found gemstones like sapphire, malachite, emerald, and ruby. These days you can find these powerful stones in much modern jewelry or many decorative items. 

After studying the planetary positions and their effects on people, astrologers recommend their clients to use certain types of stones appropriate for them. They believe every stone has varied influence and power, which changes the person’s balance between mind and soul. 

Tarot cards

A deck of 78 fanciful tarot is a must for tarot card readers or fortune-tellers. They are most popular in European countries for cartomancy using the selection of cards. The cards (split into two decks; major and minor arcana) are specially marked and named with several characteristics that readers use for perceiving the solution. 

They are deemed sacred, and a flow of energy is supposed to establish between the card and the reader, due to which users often cleanse their deck from negative influences. 

General deck of cards

Other than tarot, the common 52 card deck we use for bridge or rummy is also popular among cartomancy. All the cards of different suits have distinct meanings that decide the possible solution of the issue for which the users pull the particular card. 

Crystal balls

Transparent quartz crystals or those infused with other natural minerals are used to transfer energy from the ball to the users around it. They are famous for meditations. Psychic reading or ball gazing is a practice to concentrate on the patterns inside the stone ball that transfers the viewer to a trance to show various illusions. 


Remains and relics of the dead

Psychic study often requires summoning a spirit to communicate or hold it. Mediums or ghost-hunters use different objects like dolls, stones, or pots to trap the spirits inside them. Sometimes, they also use the relics or belongings of the dead to attract them easily. Touch and concentration on the items used by the dead are found quick to associate them with the spirits. 


In this form of fortune reading, the reader (generally a trained tarot reader) drops the candle wax on the water surface and predicts the response to the queries according to the patterns formed.